New 130hp - anyone considering it?

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It looks to be only on the Premium and GR Sport.
As the months go by with my Icon I am more impressed with the performance, lovely ride on my 16" wheels and all round usability. A review of the 130 the driver said he didn't notice the extra power till he pushed on at higher speeds. Another said he liked the GR sport trim but wishes he could change the hard ride to the 16" wheels for comfort. It is strange how different people see those "extras" you get for the extra money.
I can't see me upgrading to the 130 just for those extra Hp as it seems to be a lot of cash for a few extra horses.
I don't think this car is about performance alone. I like its comfort and practicality.

Brass Monkey
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I don’t think the few extra bhp are really worth the extra money to change vehicles.
These cars are about getting around at a respectable cost along with having some green credentials.
If Toyota ever decide to make the electric side of the cars more powerful along with a more tweaked petrol motor then maybe and just maybe I could be tempted to look.
Until that happens I will stick with what I know 👍
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