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Hi everyone, based on your experience, do you think this car is suitable for short journeys of around 3000 miles a year? I recently discovered a problem with the 12v battery. Since there is still no sign of my new car being delivered? Not sure if I should cancel my order and look for another one? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I will do about 3k per year. I found out about the 12v problems just before pick-up. I am a car enthusiast. My Yaris Cross is my daily car for short runs. Have a GR Yaris for all of the longer drives out. The battery in that is 3 years old with a battery monitor fitted. Yesterday I checked that battery and it was 100% at 12.75v which is great for a car that lives in the garage on a CTEK charger. 3 years old 7.5k but with a normal large battery.

Had my Yaris cross two months. Bought another CTEK charger for it and set it up so it is permanently set up with an extension through the window then rolled up in a lockable post box so I reverse the car up to it and plug it in. Switched off smart entry so that isn't on all of the time. Bought the icon so it didn't have all the electronics such as ambiant lights. I have a battery monitor on the battery. A digital monitor that fits in the cig lighter so I can see the voltage dropping. In the glove compartment is a Noco gb40 jump starter. I am a real car fan and love driving and bought this as my local run about so I didn't take and park up the GR Yaris in dodgy places. The morning I picked up the Yaris cross I had that feeling in my belly that I might be making a mistake of swapping in my lovely little and simple 12 month old Aygo X when I use it simple as a shopping and dog walking car. I still have that feeling in my gut 2 months in.

Yesterday I had the Yaris Cross on the CTEK and this morning the battery monitor read 79% and 12.1V - not great.
I will give the car a year or so but I believe at 3k per year you need to be fully aware that EV and hybrids are not made for that mileage.
The day I had the Aygo in for its service a chap was complaining about his corolla having a flat battery and I showed him the CTEK on the phone.
The Yaris cross is a lovely car and I enjoy driving it but you need to be fully aware of the small 12v battery problem and the things you need to do to keep it going. The AA say we should buy a solar panel for the dash but what a pain that would be. The dealer says we need to drive them more and put them in ready mode for 1 hour every week but you need to be in or near it so nobody pinches it.
I bought the CTEK cable that attaches to the battery and runs into the boot and asked the dealer to fit it for free. You need to do that then buy the jump starter.
You may be fine but at 3k you will be watching it all of the time.
Would I buy it again due to my low mileage - Probably as I have investigated the problem and it seems to be for those who are not aware of it. If you are and use the CTEK, volt meter in the cig lighter and have the Noco in the car - not boot as that doesn't have a key to open it then I shouldn't have a problem.
I hope I am currently over thinking it and as time passes and all is well I will settle into the car and enjoy it fully.


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