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Faults and Technical chat for the Toyota Yaris Cross
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So today we went to the town for an appointment.
On route I went to clean the front windscreen and nothing came out?
Tried again and nothing. Asked my wife if she had used all the fluid and forgot to say? No! Was her reply.
So we reached our destination and upon checking the screen wash bottle looked empty.
So once home I filled the bottle and tried the washer. Nothing, not even the sound of the motor working.
A quick look on line and it appears to be a fairly common issue with this car especially if it’s been freezing in recent times and you have tried the washer.
So opened the bonnet and located the fuse box on the right hand side. Went to open the fuse box and that’s when the issue started.
Couldn’t get the lid open for the life of it.
Tried everything I could but would it heck come off.
So phoned the Toyota breakdown line and the lovely lady said she would get the tech guy to call me.
So true to her word the tech guy called and said to do various things which I told him that I had already done.
He then said I should take it to any garage to get them to try?
Eh, go to any garage and let them potentially cause damage to the fuse box lid? Nah don’t think so.
He said that Toyota breakdown (AA) wouldn’t cover this type of issue. Ok so how the heck am I going to drive to the main dealer 1 hour away which would be my only choice of garage as we live in the countryside and have quarries and farm debris causing bad visibility along the country lanes.
I was told to take a bottle of water to clean the screen. Ok so where the hell am I going to stop to do this?
So no joy with Toyota (AA) breakdown service.
Got on to the main dealer after initially being told by the call center that the car would need a dig agnostic session to find the reason for no water.
Eh! It needs the stuck fuse cover removed and the fuse checked.
Did get them to transfer me to my main dealer where a lovely young lady said that the fuse cover can be fiddly but will come off.
She even said that driving without the use of screen washers was a safety issue and roadside assistance should come to sort it.
So back to the car and tried again and still stuck tight.
Then a friend was passing and even he couldn’t initially budge it.
Eventually we did get it off, replaced the 15 micro fuse and all was fixed.
So make sure your fuse box lid is removable and that you have some spare micro fuses.

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I had that fuse go a couple of weeks ago. Fuse box lid was a bit tricky but came off within a couple of minutes
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